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Promotion and Referral Platform:

  • We will provide you with a unique referral code to share with your followers.
  • For every 10 people who downloads our app and signs up using your referral code, you will earn "1 Eye" that is equivalent to £1 and is withdrawable as real cash.
  • The users who download our app using your referral code will receive "5 Eyes" that they can accumulate and use towards their next ride with our chauffeur service.

We believe this platform offers an exciting opportunity for you to engage your audience, provide them with a valuable incentive, and earn a commission in the process.

In addition to the promotion and referral platform, we envision our collaboration as the beginning of an ever-growing partnership with extensive future expandability. As the advertising landscape evolves, social platforms are introducing subscription models for their user bases, which can limit the reach of traditional advertising. We view our system as a new economy where advertisers can gain significant visibility and engagement through the shared collaboration of our platform's influencers.

In addition to the promotional opportunities mentioned above, our collaboration could include any of the following elements:

  • Social Media Promotion: Share your experience and excitement about the event with your followers through posts, stories, and live updates on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Event Hosting: Participate as a special guest or co-host for a segment of the event, bringing your expertise and charisma to the audience.
  • Content Creation: Create high-quality content (blog posts, YouTube videos, or podcasts) related to the event's theme, our company, or the products/services we offer.
  • Giveaways and Contests: Engage your audience with giveaways, contests, or exclusive discount codes related to our event or products.
  • In-Person Appearance: If you are local or available, we would love to have you attend our event in person and interact with our attendees.

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About Us

Vert Executive represents a tangible catalyst for transformation. This electric service has been established to unite the desire for safety, executive travel, and the imperative to minimize the global carbon impact. We are in the process of assembling the most formidable Tesla fleet, accompanied by seasoned and skilled chauffeurs. Our passionate team is dedicated to fostering a more environmentally conscious world, under the guidance of a staunch advocate for a sustainable, eco-friendly future. Our endeavors will serve as an inspiration for others to follow suit, and together, we can ensure a brighter tomorrow for future generations.


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