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Safety Training



Executive Chauffeured Tesla Service

Highly skilled, hand-picked fully trained Chauffeurs are always ready to provide a professional service for any journey: airport transfers, business trips, corporate events, roadshows, weddings, shopping trips and many more.


Multiple Payment Methods

Your money, your choice - Personal, Family or Business trips can be paid by card or eye-credits. You can purchase, share or redistribute your eye-credits.



Coupons & referral programs

We like to reward you at every stage! As a loyal customer you will benefit from discounts on rides, personalized offers from prestigious brands and many other surprises...



Panic Button, Safety Rating, emergency training

Safety as a Standard - Panic Button directly integrated with the emergency services, Safety rating and review process to constantly improve our services. All our Chauffeurs are Safety as a Standard affiliate members as an entry level.



Personal, Family or Business

One of the most adaptable and versatile travelling module on the market. Personal, Family or Business, you have multiple choices on how to set up your profiles. Invite, manage or allocate travel credit, create departments or simply send a gift. These are only few examples on how to manage your daily commute as per your needs.


Planner assistant

Schedule your rides

Manage your rides as per your needs. Choose your dates and times, service and other options available in the App. Plan ahead and stay worry free!


Customise your rides

We always strive to excel. Personalise your journey to your needs: temperature, radio station, music, silence. You are the master of your choice.


Your Order A to Z

Confirmed-On the Way-Arrived-Share-Finished

We will always update you at every stage of your trip so no need to worry we will notify you every time the order status has changed. Safe rides!


Stay in touch

Always stay connected! Additional communication or instruction, last minute information or preference, we want to ensure that you will always stay in touch with your Chauffeur.


Trip Issues

Lost property-incidents-fares

We are ALWAYS here to help! We are all humans so at times we might experience some issues. We have implemented tools so we can try and resolve any issue ASAP and as best as we can. If you have lost or forgot something, experienced an incident or there is an issue with the fare, get in touch! Use 'Trip Issue' in the App and describe what issue you have experienced. You will always be updated with the resolution.

Vert and you

Let's help our wonderful planet

Starting the journey to become a carbon-neutral business does not only foster positive feelings from customers, employees also feel proud for playing an active role in creating a safer and greener environment.

As more companies are going green, the idea of going carbon neutral becomes much more tantalizing and it is now becoming a desired status to be an environmentally friendly business.

We are very proud to offer you the utimate green Chauffeur service while helping reducing carbon emission.

Every Vert mile is a breath of fresh air!!!


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About Us

Vert Executive represents a tangible catalyst for transformation. This electric service has been established to unite the desire for safety, executive travel, and the imperative to minimize the global carbon impact. We are in the process of assembling the most formidable Tesla fleet, accompanied by seasoned and skilled chauffeurs. Our passionate team is dedicated to fostering a more environmentally conscious world, under the guidance of a staunch advocate for a sustainable, eco-friendly future. Our endeavors will serve as an inspiration for others to follow suit, and together, we can ensure a brighter tomorrow for future generations.


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