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Cancellation and waiting times fees Policy

06 August 2021

You should go offline when you are not available to undertake trips. Vert reserves the right to enforce a breach of your contractual agreements or restrict access to the platform if you are found to be in breach of the cancellation policy.

Without limitation, Vert considers the following cancellation behaviours to be in breach of the Services Agreement and could lead to your account termination

   refusing to complete a trip for a client based on their intended destination
   refusing to complete a trip for a client for any reason that would be in breach of relevant discrimination laws and the conditions set out in your Private Hire Driver licence.

Examples of evidence of committing or intending to commit such behaviour include:

   contacting a client by phone and asking for the rider's destination before having arrived at the pick-up location

   once aware of the destination, cancelling the ride, explicitly asking the client to cancel the ride or behaving in an obstructive way to the natural flow of a trip to encourage the client to cancel the trip

   systematic and/or persistent cancellation of trips

   not accepting guide dogs or any other service animal caring for disabled people

   refusing to complete a trip due to discriminatory reasons, such as your rider's disability, gender, race or sexuality (for example)

You will be able to cancel free of charge if:

   You have been involved in an incident or accident

   Car malfunctioned*

   App malfunctioned*

   Waiting time is greater than 10 min in town and 30 min airport and no communication has been established between you and the client

   Client is rude or aggressive or not fit to travel

   Wrong service selected by the rider at the time of the booking

   Incident or accident on my way

   Heavy traffic, can’t arrive in time

   Client unreachable

   Bad location

   Any other genuine reason and pending an investigation You might be charged a cancellation fee up to 100% of the total ride fare:

You are requesting the client to cancel trip

   If the client cannot find you at the pick-up point and trying to get in touch with you

   If you are found to cancel a trip without genuine reasons **

   *In this event you will be automatically logged out from your account so we can assist with your issues.

   **7 day resolution will apply

Cancellation Policy pre-booked service

You will be able to cancel free of charge if:

   You have accepted and cancelled a booking with 24 hours in advance

   Any reasons from the Cancellation free of charge above

You will be charged

  50% cancellation fee from the total value off the ride if you cancelled between 24h and 3h

   100% cancellation fee from the total value off the ride if you cancelled with less than 3 hors from the booking time

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